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How It Works?

For parents

Play. Learn. Grow. We leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to help K-12 students with dyslexia improve their reading skills and achieve their full potential.

For children

Create a Profile. Sign up today, and create your student's custom profile to track progress, unlocked achievements, earn 3D rewards, and level up! build a personalized profile for your child to monitor progress, unlock achievements, earn 3D rewards, and level up!

For experts

With a wide array of games that adapt to your ability, LexBox is perfect for children who need a little help improving their literacy. We cover reading, spelling, phonics, rhyming and vowels!

How LexBox helps?

Developing reading

Developing reading
and writing skills

Consistent engagement in cognitive and sequential activities fosters the development of enduring reading and writing abilities.

Fostering Academic Success

Academic Success

Nurturing reading and writing proficiencies has a favorable impact on academic achievement across all disciplines.

Boosts Self-confidence


Improved educational performance across all subjects enhances a child's social adaptability and self-assurance.

Efficient Use

Efficient Use
of Time and Energy

By expending fewer resources on learning, K-12 students can devote more time and energy to pursuing creative, athletic, and leisure activities.

Encouraging a Positive Home Environment.

Encouraging a Positive Home Environment

When a child succeeds, it has a positive impact on the parents, which, in turn, contributes to a significantly improved overall home environment.

Why Lexbox?


Active Involvement and Strong Motivation

Learning becomes enjoyable and child-friendly through active engagement, praise, rewards, and character development.


Personalized Learning Path

The difficulty level of the exercises is gradually tailored to meet the unique developmental needs of each individual student.


Accessible Anywhere in the World

Our platform is compatible with any device, including those with unstable Internet connections.

For Parents

The daily lessons are self-directed and do not require adult supervision or additional expenses for purchasing teaching materials. Real-time progress tracking helps children with dyslexia learn and grow.

The platform is a result of a combination of academic research and innovative AI/ML technology, as well as the founder's personal experience with dyslexia. Our dictionary contains thousands of words, categorized by difficulty, frequency, and the phonics they contain.

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For Experts

The platform is based on the Orton-Gillingham (OG) teaching method, which was developed by Dr. Samuel T. Orton and teacher/psychologist Anna Gillingham in the 1930s.

By incorporating the OG method into an AI/ML-based platform, this technology is able to provide personalized learning plans and engaging activities that are tailored to each child's unique needs and abilities.

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Parents about LexBox


Sarah H.

token 999+

LexBox has been a game-changer for my 9-year-old son with dyslexia. The engaging games and personalized lessons have made learning enjoyable for him, and we've seen a significant improvement in his reading and comprehension skills. Highly recommended!


Mark W.

token 999+

Our daughter has struggled with dyslexia for years, and we've tried countless programs. LexBox is the first one that genuinely captured her interest and helped her progress. The combination of AI, machine learning, and gamification is truly innovative. Thank you, LexBox!


Emily R.

token 999+

LexBox has been a blessing for our family. The platform's supportive online community and expert guidance have given us invaluable resources and reassurance. Our son is more confident and motivated to learn than ever before!


Laura B.

token 999+

We've seen a remarkable difference in our daughter's academic performance since she started using LexBox. The personalized lessons target her needs, and she loves the engaging games. We couldn't be happier with the results.

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What age is the program designed for?

The program can be utilized by children as young as six(assuming they began learning to read at five), but it primarily targets young students who have already grasped the alphabet stage of learning.

The most recent version of the program aims to enhance whole-word reading skills and promote proper comprehension of straightforward texts. To successfully use the program, the child should be well-acquainted with all the letters. Consequently, the level of reading proficiency is more critical than the student's grade or age. For example, many dyslexic children in fifth or sixth grade may have reading skills at a first or second-grade level.

How long is the curriculum?

The length of training varies based on each child's individual abilities and can last up to two years or more. Generally, noticeable progress is made after a few months of consistent lessons; however, in some cases, a longer period may be necessary.

How do the classes go and what do the lessons contain?

Each day, the child completes a 5-10 minute lesson independently, without adult assistance. The lesson comprises several game-based activities, each designed to develop a specific cognitive skill essential for successful reading mastery.

What conditions are necessary to use the program?

The LexBox online platform is cloud-based software, which means it can be accessed through the browser of any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC) with an internet connection.
The program operates smoothly on most modern devices with 2-3 GB of RAM. However, it is recommended to use devices with 4 GB of RAM or more to minimize the impact of background applications on the program's performance in the browser.
Since sound is a crucial component of interactive lessons, the device must have quality speakers or headphones.
Lessons cannot be paused; if interrupted, they must be restarted. Therefore, to ensure effective learning, providing a quiet environment or room for your child during lessons is essential.

Will the program help if the child does not know all the letters?

The present version of the program is tailored for children who are already familiar with letters and are prepared to work with syllables. However, you can utilize the free trial period to determine if your child will be successful. In addition, the program includes a hint system for when the child encounters difficulties, so adult assistance during lessons is not necessary.

Will the program help with dysgraphia?

To a certain degree, it does help, albeit indirectly. For example, as a child develops consistent reading skills, their vocabulary inevitably expands, positively influencing spelling. This is supported by feedback from parents whose children have made progress through regular practice on the platform.

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